Artful Parkies On Tour

Chris Stanley and I are delighted to be planning a little painting tour of Yorkshire in September of this year.

Thank you to Disability Arts Online for supporting us on this journey of self development. We aim to explore awareness and attitudes about Parkinson’s and incorporate them into our art and a little journal of our week.

The week will consist of us setting off in my camper van “Foxy” and pitching up in three different locations.

More details of the project will be coming soon………..

Day 20, 20 Days In 2020

And then it was over – 20 days of self isolation and painting. A wonderful experience that wasn’t diminished by the year of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions that was to come. In fact it probably gave me an experience and strength to build on over the following months.

Hard copies of the journal are still available – all profits to Parkinson’s UK.