See you in 20 days!

Me in WalesThe car is packed full of food, and essentials. Pedro is safely tucked in and we’re off for our 20 day challenge.

All means of contact will be turned off once I get to Wales, later this afternoon.  Hope you all stay well, and I look forward to catching up with you when I get back on 21st March.

Don’t forget the work produced will form an exhibition at the Canal Heritage Centre throughout May:

Lots of love, Janet xx

Life Drawing Wednesdays – more than just an art class.

Fleur021019Wednesday evenings have gradually become the highlight of the week for me.

At 7pm the regulars arrive for our two hour life drawing session in a reassuringly predictable order. We talk briefly about the week that has passed, glossing over the real sadness and anxieties some of us are dealing with. Instead we muse over where we fancy sitting this week, what approach we might take to our drawing, and what flavour cake we have for the half time break.

Once started we lose all sense of time and what’s going on beyond the walls of our lovely old venue. We’re only interrupted by the occasional sound of geese flying by, and have the constant sound of the water raging over the nearby weir. We lose ourselves in the process of drawing and the challenge of capturing the naked form.

The alarm goes off to mark the end of the session and we supportingly review each others work and reflect of the breadth of styles and talent. The respect and support we have for each other has created something of real value. Established attendees have become good friends, new comers are warmly welcomed.

We leave the building and enter the cold dark air, saying goodbye to our life drawing haven for another week, most of us feeling a great deal better than when we arrived.

The life drawing sessions run every Wednesday, 7,30-9.30pm at the Canal Heritage Centre, Beeston, Nottingham.