From April 2022 for 12 months I will be carrying out the following project:

1. Structured drawing: Each month I will have two intensive life drawing sessions to explore new techniques and record and understand my changing and evolving drawing approach. To explore and express through representing the external human body what it means to have an internal degenerative disease that effects both the mechanical and visual form of the body.  To try to represent how it effects feelings of self worth, how you feel others see you, and your sense of where you fit in the world.

2. Exploring, sharing and expanding my creative practice: I will explore new subject matter and broaden my painting horizons. I will spend one week of every month away in a different part of the British Isles painting land and seascapes and whatever else I feel inspired by. I will do this by taking  a seven day trip in my camper van every month.

Outcomes from this year will be a body of new work charting changes, acceptance, adaptation and ambition, and the development of an online visual diary/ forum. instagram: @paintingwithmrp, Facebook: @canalsideart Website: twitter:@paintingwithmrp

Thank go to Arts Council England for supporting this project.

Here’s a few of the other things I’ve been up to over the past couple of years.

Parky Players, “Shake It Off”

Feb 2022 onwards. Leading the creation and performing of a brand new piece of theatre.

12 Hour Boxing Challenge

July 2021. Shadow boxing and pad work for 12 hours to raise awareness of the role of fitness in managing Parkinson’s Disease and raising money. £4300 raised.

20 Days in 2020

March 2020. A painting retreat with no contact with the outside world for 20 days. Just painting and reflection.

24 Hour Danceathon

October 2019. 25 hours (it was the night the clocks went back!) of dancing and fundraising. Over £3000 raised.

London to Paris Bike Ride

June 2019. Four days of cycling in record breaking temperatures.