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It’s not been the build up to my first Road Trip week that I had in mind.

Dad has been becoming increasingly unwell and has been admitted to hospital, and Mr P has been playing up.

However, more positive things have included rehearsing hard with The Parky Players for our next performance of “Shake It Up” on 7th April, and planning for further events at Derby Museums and other dates during this Spring / Summer.

I’ve also submitted two paintings to the Parkinson’s Art ‘Out of the blue” exhibition – and applied for my place on our local ABCAT art trail later in the summer

So without as much preparation as I would have liked, today I pack my bags and art materials into ‘Foxy” the van and get prepared for my first trip. The next few days will be focussing on the acceptance, adaptation, and ambition on display in the Potteries and surrounding areas.

I’m looking forward to creative time in a different environment and hoping to create some interesting work.

Please message me if you have suggestions for my work, or would like to meet me, or contribute to my project in other ways.

Watch this space for the post card updates from the Potteries…


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  1. Dave

    Enjoy your trip and painting Janet. I have been painting portraits of people’s houses which seems to bring them much happiness. The requests have dried up currently so I was passing your place on one of my regular visits to the Canal Heritage Centre and was struck at how glowing your place seems to be in the late afternoon sun. So I took a photo of the scene but have not dared to paint it as it could have seemed an invasion of privacy. I am not attempting to create three dimensional effects using complementary colours.

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