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Resting, reflecting and recovering from a weird six months of adapting to my new life as a 50 year old single women. Feeling proud that I have the drive and ambition to create new projects and opportunities. Not dwelling and wasting energy on what is gone, but getting excited about what is new and living in the moment.

This week has given me the opportunity to disconnect and reset, and think about the future and my theatre project “Parky Players”, and specifically my new project “Janet’s Art Road Trip” that starts April 2022.

I took the opportunity to read back at my diary from 3.5 years ago. My entry on 14th September 2018 was a conversation with my Paralympian friend Steve Bate MBE, discussing my art and the journey I should take with this. A journey charting the evolution of my art through my development of Parkinson’s, and he suggested I should check out Arts Council Funding to support the study.

3.5 years later I’m planning that very project, organising the weeks in my various locations for the next 12 months, starting with Shropshire and the Potteries early April, Cornwall in May and Scotland and Edinburgh in June etc etc.

Life is positive and good…


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  1. Sam

    You’ve come a long way, Janet, and have so many exciting projects which are inspiring. Beautiful, new paintings.

    1. janetmbarnes

      Thanks Sam – your support is always appreciated xx

  2. Christine Stanley

    Life deals us with difficult hands throughout our lives, but it’s how we adapt and respond to them thats important and rewarding. You’re one amazing lady 🥰xx

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