You are currently viewing Month 8. London, Thames. 11th – 16th October

Welcome to my blog recording my eighth trip away as part of my one-year project of twelve art road trips.

This month seems to have been all about the raising awareness of Parkinson’s in several ways.

The ITV crime series “The Suspect” had a lead character who had recently been diagnosed with younger onset PD. My friend Drew Hallam had been the show’s PD advisor.

Jeremy Paxman has been on a tv program talking about living with Parkinson’s, and I gave my first presentation on PD in front on a live (80+) audience for over a year.

The conference was titled “Living Well with Parkinson’s”, and my presentation focussed on Acceptance, Adaptation and Ambition, and I talked about the first 7 months of this art trail and how art helps me live well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Parkinson’s East Midlands Research Interest Group (PEMRIG) event and found the audience very attentive and engaged.

PEMRIG Presentation
Janet Steve William
Steve, myself and William at the Nottingham branch meeting

I also gave a presented at this month’s Nottingham PDUK Branch Meeting.

This month’s actual painting part of my road trip was largely low key and uneventful. Just some nice painting and good company – exactly what I needed.

My first painting was of the beautiful Autumnal view of where I was staying in a camp site by the Thames.
I enjoyed painting in this long narrow format, and in a more realistic style than I often do.

Autumnal Thames
“Autumnal Thames”, Acrylic on canvas

I then painted a popular view of the waterfall at Virginia Waters, a beautiful area to walk near to where I was staying. The dogs loved the six mile plus walk, although Pedro could hardly stand the next day.

This painting of the waterfall turned out a little more stylised and illustrative.

Virginia Waters Waterfall
“Virginia Waters Waterfall” Mixed media on canvas

I tried a few more experimental paintings of trees that were largely unsuccessful – I was struggling to find inspiration to paint towards the end of the trip.

Mixed media paintings on canvas
Two mixed media paintings on canvas.

To cheer myself up, I created a little painting of a robin.

“Robin” acrylic on canvas

I think this leg of the road trip was a much quieter and reflective than those previous.

It provided me with a much-needed break, some solitude, and the opportunity to quietly enjoy the process of painting.

I tried to remain in the moment and enjoy the days for what they were, rather than worrying what they might be. This is something that requires practice for me.

Next stop Castleton, Derbyshire…

J Shipton
Arts Council England

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