Art Clubs / Workshops

Workshops are available to book: Online individual painting sessions @ £20 for 2.5 hours. In person painting sessions @ £40 for 3.5 hours (life drawing with model @£55 for 2 hours).

Group art sessions are available – please contact for price.

Please watch this space for further yoga/ life drawing workshop dates.

Art club at the Victoria Hotel will be back after the summer holidays.

Please book by contacting me on 07904 067160 or

I also run an art club on Wednesday evenings at our local heritage centre and since the pandemic we’ve had to change from a life drawing group at the centre to an online class, finding different subjects to study.

For further details, and to book on please visit:

Life Drawing Practice

Below is a record of my Wednesday night work, including life drawing diary from 31st October 2018, and my more recent still life studies and Zoom portraits.

The early (bottom of the page) sketches were produced whilst I was taking 6mg of Ropinirol XL. Since late November 2018 I’ve been on 10mg (click on the photo for dates and notes). Since May 2020 I’ve been on 12mg, and since October some Levadopa.

My technique is evolving to accommodate my lack of ability to sketch and create fine detail. I now paint as much as possible and colour has become more important. My approach now involves broader brush strokes on a larger scale, and I place use colour to express myself and my mood.

Jane, July 14th, 2021

Sandie, 2 hours 16/09/20
Moon, 2 hours, 02/09/20
Gordy 260220
Gordy, 2 hours, pastel and pen, 26/02/19
Laura, 2 hour pose, 19/02/20
Sandi 29th Jan 2020
Sandi, 4 hours, 02/02/20
Fleur 29:1:20
Fleur, 2 hours, 29/01/20
Paul 22:01:20
Paul, 2 hours, 22/01/20.
15:01:20 Julie
Julie, 2 hours, 15/01/20
Jane 080120.jpg
Jane, 08/01/2020. 2 hour session
Jane 05:12:19
Jane, 05/12/19, 4 hour session
Sandie 28:11:19
Sandie, 27/11/19, 1.5 hour pose
Simon Portrait
Portrait of Simon. Acrylic on board, 13/11/19
Simon Life drawing.jpg
“Simon” 15/11/19. Painted on holiday in Norfolk.
Sandi 30th Oct 19
Sandie 30/11/19. 1.5 hour pose/
Amy 201019
Amy 20/10/19. 4 hour pose.
09/10/19, Paul, 1.5 hour pose.  A challenging pose that I nearly a gave up on half way through. I stuck with it and built up the colour. Reasonably happy with the end result.
Jo 25:9:19
Jo, 50 minute pose. 29/09/19. Had an ‘off day’ and really struggled with detail and the depth.
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 23.33.41.png
Julie, 18/09/19, 50 minute pose
Jane 040909
Jane, 50 min pose, 04/09/19
Jane 260819
Jane, 25/08/19, 4 hour session with Liam and Viv. Acrylic on canvas.
Fleur 210819
21/09/19, Fleur, 50 minute painting.
Sandie 14:08:19
14/08/19, Sandie, Acrylic on board. 55mins
michael 8:9:19
Michael 8/8/19
Sandi 4 hour 110719
Sandi, 12/07/19. 4 hour session in the studio. Acrylic on canvas.
Fleur 100119
10/07/19. 1.5 hour pose. Coloured charcoals
19/06/19, Chris. 40 min pose. Experimenting with oil pastels and turps to blend. Mixed results: lacking in detail, and the proportions are out. I need to practice and refine the technique (or scrap). What I do like is my new found confidence using colour, and there’s an attitude that was previously missing.
Jane, 45 min pose. 12/06/19
Jane, 55 min pose. 12/06/19

Gordy 22nd May 2019. Bolder and bolder, with less detail, but more confidence.

Chris 30min and 50min poses, 15th May 2019.

I loved this week’s life drawing. I’m drawing with a new found freedom and confidence. I’m much less tight and precise, and I like the process and the results. I’m getting more depth of colour and the lights and darks are more pronounced. I’m really happy with the direction I’m going, but just feel I’m up against the clock – how long will I be able to draw the way I am doing? When will I need to start adapting?

Jane Painting 5:5:19
Jane. Four hour painting session on 5th May 2019.
Jane 170419
Jane, 17/04/19. 40min pose. A bit too loose, but enjoyable.

Paul, 10th April 2019

Sandi 270319
27/03/19, Sandi. Loved tonight’s poses and bolder approach.
Julie Painting

24/03/19. This was an extended 4 hour session at CHC. Julie was the model, and I had a great time with broad brush strokes and bold acrylics. I’m pleased with the care-free nature of my painting here.

Janet 150319

15th March 2019. A wonderful 4 hours painting Jane in my studio with Liam. I started really strong and then over-worked it. A great way to spend 4 hours and I’m pleased, not frustrated with the outcome.

13th March 2019. Always love drawing Julie. I enjoyed this session, and felt no hindrance from Mr P.  Just felt I lost my way with the drawing – caught somewhere between trying to be accurate and enjoying the flowing nature of the drawing. I think I over worked it.

Really enjoyed this session. Two challenging poses, particularly the standing pose with lots of length and few angles. Drawing, hatching and shading felt fine.

Paul 2702019

27/02/19, Paul. I got really emerced in this evening’s drawing. Played with textured paper and pastels. My drawing felt fine – not exactly reflecting my mood at the moment.

Jane 200219
Jane 20th Feb 2019. 40min pose.

20/02/19. Jane. Great attitude in this pose. I felt on form and enjoyed the process and result.

13/02/19. Jo. Struggled a bit today with detail and shading. Fear I’m in need of a medication review.

06/02/19. Paul. So much happier with this week’s drawings. I’ve got more depth, and feeling of mass and balance. Cross-hatching was better.

Julie, 16/01/19
Fleur. 09/01/19. Really enjoyed this session. My movement was there  and enabled me to shade and hatch as I like.
Fleur. 09/01/19. So pleased with this result after 3 weeks off for Christmas. Detail and cross hatching was possible.
Jane 051218 2
Jane, 05,12,18
Jane, 05.12.18
Lifedrawing painting Janet
Painted from a photo of me. Now on 10mg of Raponer XL
Paul Smith 281118
Paul, 28th Nov 18
Mike, 21st Nov 18
Anne, 14th Nov 18
7th Nov LD
Sandi, 7th Nov 2018.

Below are a selection of images from early 2017 through the summer, my tests and diagnosis period. The drawings were big, bold, but I seemed to struggle with subtlety, and quality of line. Cross hatching was proving impossible.

A selection of sketches from before the end of 2017, before I started to notice a difference to my hand writing (micrographica):