Janet’s art road trip funded by Arts Council England

Exploring, sharing and expanding my creative practice: I will spend one week of every month travelling in my camper can to a different part of the British Isles painting land/seascapes, people and whatever else I feel inspired by. I plan to hear other’s stories, share ideas, and create artwork to record these experiences.

Outcomes from this year will be a body of new work that records what acceptance, adaptation and ambition means to me and those that I meet, and the development of an online visual diary / forum.

instagram: @paintingwithmrp
Facebook: @canalsideart
Website: www.paintingwithmrp.com

2022/23 Art Road Trip Schedule

  • April – Potteries, Staffordshire
  • May – Eden Project and Cornwall
  • June – Rye / Hastings / E Sussex. Vineyards and Fishing
  • July – Coventry and surrounding area
  • August – Liverpool and NW
  • September – Edinburgh
  • October – Wales, The Gower November – Belfast
  • December – Plymouth, Devon
  • January – Caenarfon, Wales
  • February – Sheffield, SY

Latest Posts

  • Month 7. Sussex, Hastings and Rye. 12th. – 19th September
    Welcome to my blog recording my seventh trip away as part of my one-year project of twelve art road trips.
  • Month 6. Scotland and the Edinburgh Fringe. 12th – 28th September 2022
    I’ve added this blog as part of the art trail as it’s a massive creative part of this year’s journey of acceptance, adaptation and ambition, and was initially funded by Arts Council England.
  • Month 5. Liverpool 1st to 4th August 2022
    This leg of the trip was slightly different to the others as I stayed in a small-rented house for just 4 days. This was due to me spending most of the rest of August in Edinburgh preparing and performing at the Fringe.
  • Month 4. Coventry and West Midlands 7th to 11th July 2022
    This trip can be summed up in three words Hot, Hot and Hot. These searing temperatures hampered my plans to visit Coventry, the cathedral and other places of interest.
  • Month 3. Northeast and Aviemore. 15th – 22nd June 2022
    Welcome to my blog recording my third trip away as part of my one-year project of twelve art road trips.
  • Month 2. Devon and Cornwall. April 27th – May 3rd 2022
    Empowerment, Facing Ghosts and Fears Welcome to my blog recording my second trip away as part of my one year project of twelve art road trips.This trip took me to Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. I stopped over to break the journey up in a nice campsite near Taunton, then the […]
  • Month 1. The Potteries. April 1st – 6th 2022
    This is a blog recording my first trip away as part of my one year project of twelve art road trips. I will try to make it an honest account of my experience both as an artist, and someone living with Parkinson’s. I’ll be exploring my own creativity, and parts of the British Isles that somehow represent the three things that I believe can help us all through life: Acceptance, Adaptation and Ambition.
  • Prep for the Potteries
    Today I pack my bags and art materials into ‘Foxy” the van and get prepared for my first trip. The next few days will be focussing on the acceptance, adaptation, and ambition on display in the Potteries and surrounding areas.
  • Planning for the Next 12 Months
    Resting, reflecting and recovering from a weird six months of adapting to my new life as a 50 year old single women. Feeling proud that I have the drive and ambition to create new projects and opportunities. Not dwelling and wasting energy on what is gone, but getting excited about […]