It’s one whole year since we did the London to Paris bike ride, so forgive me for being a bit sentimental about this first anniversary.
Of course I’m reflecting on the amazing support I had a year ago from my cycling partner in crime Caroline and our friends and family back home, but its the unflinching love and support I receive off friends and family everyday that really keeps me going.
It’s the people who listen patiently to my rambling conversations, the people who I can get excited with when I’ve got another crazy idea, and the people who check in and just listen to me cry. The people who’ll stay up late and have the extra drink when I’m ‘wired’, and the people who show a real interest in aspects of living with PD.  In difficult times it’s sharing, talking and laughter with others that makes all the difference.
I’ve got family and friends, old and new who accept me for who I am now and are positive about what I can be in the future that keep me going. For this I am truly grateful.
So enough reflection – anyone fancy joining me on a new challenge?

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