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So this is a tale of two women who found each other through the diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

A tale of a journey to beautiful Yorkshire to paint, rest, and develop as individuals and as friends.

What did I think before we set off in my camper van “Foxy”? Well I thought spending 6 nights in such a small space might at the least test our relatively new found friendship. I wondered if sleeping top to tale with additional passenger Rosie the rescue pup might be tricky.

Anyway we set off in gorgeous sunshine from Beeston to North Yorkshire:

Day 1. Monday, 6 September 2021 to Tuesday, 7 September 2021 Howgill Lodge Caravan and camping park. Barden, Skipton, North Yorkshire

My first creation
Chris’s first creation

Tuesday 7th September and departing Friday 10th September 2021. Hooks House Farm Campsite, Whitby Road, Whitby for a stay of 3 nights.

To share one of your favourite places with someone who’s never been is a delight.

We set off first thing for a dog walk, then came back, set up our gear and painted.

Mine, and Chris’s painting.

This was a lovely painting experience. We both found inspiration from the views, weather and our positive moods. Chris was confident in her choice of composition and bold in her painting of the sky and waves. We were both pleased with our efforts.

The third painting pushed us in a different direction. I chose a still life and we needed to move into “Foxy” due to the changeable weather.

After much frustration and false starts we created pieces we were quite content with.

This three three day stop in RHB could be summed up like this :

Heart stopping lanes, with rubbish lorries and old folks driving and cycling (stopping behind rear wheel of van) past passing points. Finally arriving at another fantastic camp site.

Walking into Robin Hood’s Bay – watching a wedding, coffee on sea front and Chris and Rosie having near death incident with a german shepherd.

Back to paint with replenished ice and milk.

Neighbours asked for ice – then their dulux dogs harassed Rosie and knocked my easle over – no harm done, but decided any Artful Parkies chat would be well wasted – #choose your audience.

Beautiful hazy sunsets. Pasta pesto with spinach and COLD g&T and wine (did I say that the fridge is finally working).

Not much thinking about PD – completely in the painting zone.

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