Most people I know have a personal battle to fight, whether it’s an injustice, ill health, or a change to their life that they neither wanted or expected. If you don’t, consider yourself very lucky.

People carry their burden in different ways. This doesn’t make them better, worse or more or less heroic than another person. We’re all individuals who bring their different personalities and physical and mental capabilities to the situation.

I feel the effects of Parkinson’s every day, but at the moment I feel strong enough to be loud and speak out about PD. I want to change opinions, educate and fight for better cures and treatments for those with and without a voice. I’m fully aware that my strength has a time limit, but I can only do what I can, whilst I still can.

So when you sigh and say, “she’s on the radio again!” or wonder why I bother to keep doing challenges etc. It’s because I have a voice and it’s a waste not to use it whilst I still can.

Listen to me (if you can bear it!) on BBC Radio 2, Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show at 9am Thursday 1st July.

One thought on ““Oh no, she’s on again”

  1. You’re amazing! And I don’t care how much you talk about PD anything to raise awareness. Take good care lv Judith


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