I’m back! Please see my latest blog for a brief review of the 20 days.

I’m currently working on the journal – watch this space!

J x



20 Days In 2020:

Emptiness is supposed to leave room for expression and creativity.
My next challenge for 2020 is to spend 20 days of total isolation in a remote location with no wifi, mobile, or tv. I’ll have a landline phone only for emergencies and will paint and draw for 20 days non-stop. My only distraction from painting will be keeping up my running, and eating well. I’ll keep a journal to document my 20-day experience. I can now confirm I’ll be doing this challenge during the first three weeks in March 2020.

Since being diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2018 at the age of 47, I’ve taken on physical challenges. I completed a London to Paris in four days bike ride in July 2019, and in October 2019 I completed a 24-hour danceathon. Both events raised over £7,400 in total for Parkinson’s UK.

This next challenge is obout pushing and exploring the extremes of what I can do – not physical like last year’s challenges, but creative and contemplative.

Whilst I don’t want to predict the subject matter of my creative work, I plan to reflect on the last two years and express my reactions and feelings, through new creative methods and techniques.

More details will follow regarding planning and sponsors. Thanks to Sue and Mark for the kind offer of their caravan in a remote part of Wales – much appreciated!

Janet x

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